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Lean Logic does not conform.

It is a community of essays about inventive, cooperative self-reliance in the face of great uncertainty.

Lean Logic acknowledges, with honesty, the challenges ahead in finding our way out of an economy that has all but destroyed the very foundations upon which it depends - the climate, the complex ecological system and the community and culture which gives meaning to life.

But rather than inducing despair, Lean Logic is rare in its ability to inspire optimism in the creativity and intelligence of humans to nurse our ecology back to health, to rediscover the importance of place and play, of community and culture, and of reciprocity and resilience.

It is not a book to read from start to finish. Begin in the middle, with something, anything, that sparks your interest, and let the signposts pull you through a chaotic web of ideas, brimming with humour and originality, with elegance and contradiction.

Lean Logic is a dictionary of empowerment.



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